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Nimblr's Data Story

Nimblr is building a deep dataset in order to ensure that our community is at the front of emerging risks, in the loop on vulnerabilities, and benefiting from a very innovative insurance premium model.; all while meeting the solvency and security requirements that a well-situated insurance company should meet.
Our deep dataset contains information on:
  • Protocols and dApps on ALL blockchain Layer1s and Layer2s
  • Incidents, claims, hacks that have taken place across several industries since 2019
  • Rate filings, claims filings, and other public data
These databases are updated daily through a mix of API data collection, manual research, and arrangements with partner organizations.
Having this growing database allows us to leverage our AI/ML systems to continually provide information to the Nimblr community and keep our innovative pricing model up-to-date. It also allows us to proactively communicate trends, hacks, and more to promote a more secure insurance future.