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All Nimblr Members [Nimblrs] benefit from a blazingly fast, ultra-secure decentralized and distributed ecosystem. Nimblr’s capital layering creates stability and diversification for all the risk pools. While each risk pool is independent, they contribute to the overall strength of the ecosystem. While all parties included in the process and all participants are decentralized, they are connected and backed by layers of capital, working together to build a more robust and equitable insurance system.
The Nimblr Common Reserve further protects all Nimblr policies and all Nimblrs. The Nimblr Common Reserve is a central treasury of assets available to meet any valid claim that cannot be met by the resources of any of the Nimblr Risk Pockets.
In addition to the strength of their communities, Nimblrs and Nimblr Risk Pocket communities can feel confident knowing they are part of a much larger community.