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Nimblr Data

Take a moment to think back to the last time you reached out for an insurance quote. Take a moment to recall what the process was like and what information you had to provide.
Now think of a different time your requested insurance. Did you have to provide the same information? It is very likely that you did.
Nimblr is built to make these antiquated sharing of data a thing of the past.
All that info you are sharing, it is yours. Do you need to provide an intimate look into your life to get a quote for insurance? We don't think so.
While data is necessary to rate an insurance policy, it does not have to be subjectively interpreted by a human. A human who just may be having a bad day.
Instead, you choose which data you want to share to get a quote on Nimblr. You don't have to share everything.
Even better, you don't have to keep putting the same information in every application. It's your data. It travels with you so you can use it to your advantage.
The Nimblr Brain runs all the rating and underwriting checks. This means that when you do opt to share data, it is not revealed to anyone in the community.
Instead, the data is sent to the Nimblr Brian and used to determine whether or not you meet a requirement or whether or not your are eligible for a discount.
In other words, a clear decision based on clear facts. The Nimblr Brain doesn't care what color your eyes are, how tall you are, or what you bought with your debit card. And neither should your insurance policy.