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TLDR; You!

Nimblr isn’t just about insurance. It is about you.
Our name is derived from the flexibility we build into every aspect of our technology. It tells you that we are thinking about efficiency and security. It is an homage to the willingness to stay relevant to our community.
Nimblr is also dedicated to the idea that insurance should be a backstop. Insurance is not a set it and forget it. Instead, Nimblr believes that the insurance process starts with proactive methods to help reduce the likelihood of loss. It continues with information sharing, community notices, and more to protect the overall security of all community members. If we can help prevent a claim, we can help keep the community together.
However, we can’t bubble-wrap the entire community. Claims will happen. That’s life. It is risky. When a claim does occur, Nimblr doesn’t stop at ensuring a transparent, efficient process backed by our layers of capital - we continue to work with you to help make sure this doesn’t happen again. We continue to work with you to aid in the recovery of assets and to involve the community in finding ways to mitigate these claims moving forward.
On top of this, your participation in the community is essential. Whether an insured, LP, or insurance professional, Nimblr rewards all members with rewards and yield based on your participation.

We are on a mission. Yours.