Nimblr Insurance
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Truly Decentralized Risk

Theft, earthquake, car crashes, crypto hacks, cyber-attacks. Man, it can be tough out there. For over 300 years, insurance has played a critical role in “making people whole.” That is the insurance term for getting people back to where they were before a loss. That, however, is a tall order. For many years, the insurance industry has relied on “making people whole” as the catch-all for any complaints and inefficiencies. That is commonplace for insurance companies.
Nimblr, however, is not an insurance company. Nimblr is also not a defi pool of assets guessing how risky the market is. Instead, Nimblr is a first-of-its-kind, innovative market where insureds can purchase cover by working with decentralized underwriters, actuaries, and many other insurance professionals with tremendous efficiency.
What makes Nimblr the first choice for insurance? By decentralizing the insurance process, we bring together professional levels of underwriting and insurance experience that are not typically available to just one insurance company. So, if you’re looking to insure your defi assets or your DAO Personal Liability, or that collection of baseball cards, or your horse - Nimblr’s decentralized network of insurance professionals and capital providers can help.