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What is Nimblr?

Nimblr is a Decentralized Insurance Marketplace bringing a democratized and equitable insurance process to a global community.
Nimblr is not an insurance company. Rather, we are a decentralized insurance protocol governed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority's Bermuda Insurance Act of 1978. Nimblr operates as a decentralized and democratized marketplace consisting of multiple financial backers, grouped into insurance capacity tiers, which diversify and spread risks

Capital Strength

Nimblr derives capital strength and stability by combining individual layers of diversified capital for community-wide financial security and capital efficiency for liquidity providers (LPs) and members pooling risk. We create this Umbrella of Stability by combining the following:
LP assets are held in a Risk Pool Smart Contract, primarily for the benefit of policyholders whose contracts are underwritten by the relevant Nimblr Members who are part of the Nimblr Insurance Professional Community. Insured Premiums are held in the same Risk Pool Smart Contract and used for the benefit of the policyholders and to provide fee payment to the LPs, capital providers, and other members of the Nimblr Community. The Nimblr Common Reserve, DeFi Collateral, and additional funds provided by corporations and insurers are held both on-chain and off-chain to meet any underlying risk pool obligations at the approval of the Nimblr community.
Nimblr maintains policyholder and capital flow within our decentralized insurance marketplace, benefiting policy holders and members and delivering the efficiency and stability of a Decentralized Insurance Marketplace.