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Who are the Nimblrs

Who are the Nimblrs?

Nimblrs are all those critical components of the Nimble Insurance ecosystem. All of us. We’re all Nimblers trying to incentivize a fun, more cost-effective, more accessible insurance model.
All Nimblrs are essential to the success of risk pools - and all are rewarded for participating in the decentralized insurance process. Remember - INCENTIVE LOOP.
Let’s break it down a bit.
These are the Nimblrs looking to buy coverage for a risk. They are willing to share their risk by paying a fee to those willing to carry that risk for them.
These are the new insurance companies. Liquidity Providers that stake to Risk Pools that cover risks for insureds. In exchange for taking that risk, LPs receive their proportionate share of the insured “fees” and a cut of the investment income generated from the Risk Pool.
These Nimblrs are the glue that keeps us all together. They are the peanut butter and jelly between the bread. They are the [click here to tell us what they are]. Here are some of the Nimblrs that make up the insurance pros:


  • An underwriter helps a risk pool to be the best it can - by determining the scope of coverage, terms, and performance while also analyzing market trends and other insurance models. They are critical to ensure a suitable risk pool for the LPs and the insureds. They are paid for their work and receive a portion of the investment income.


  • Actuaries look at profitability, underwriters' work, and risk pool metrics to determine the probability of a loss, the amount of collateral the risk pools need, and the fees the insureds should pay. They are paid for their work and receive a portion of the investment income.

Claims Adjusters

  • Claims Adjusters can help determine the coverage for a claim, if the claim meets the terms set forth by the Underwriters, and vote to approve or deny a claim. For their work, they are paid via claims rewards pools and receive a portion of the investment income.


  • Appraisers are an essential part of the Normalverse Insurance Cycle and provide insight into the property's valuation and assess the amount of damage sustained to the property. They are paid for their work and receive a portion of the claims reward bounty.