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Why are we "Nimblr"?

We're Nimblr for a Reason
We wish we could tell the story about how Mr. Nimblr founded Nimblr in 1901 after realizing that the local pet shelter had no insurance coverage. And the rest is history.
In fact, Nimblr was born from many years of experience inside the insurance industry, experience that did not seem to align with the messaging of the industry. Instead, the experience identified a process that was rigid and inflexible. Just one relatable example:
Insurance is designed to protect from risk. In 1987, there were 30,000 hosts on the internet. In 1988, the first major malicious cyber attack occurred. In 1997, the first cyber insurance liability policy was written. Unfortunately, it did not include coverage for the hack that happened almost ten years prior. When did an insurance policy appear to address this “emerging” risk? In 2006. It took nearly 20 years for the traditional insurance process to address the needs of a new and emerging risk.
For 300 years, the industry has remained this way. However, we believe in a future that is far more flexible. We believe in a future that can insure your car, your baseball card collection, your digital assets, crypto wallets, satellites, music, directors, officers, cyber liability, and medicine…
In other words, an insurance world that is Nimblr.